Unique Motorcycle Ads

Indo harga baru - A Honda ad "Hands" which was aired a few years ago are packed in a stylish and attractive. The content of the ad itself is a summary of the progress of Honda products over the last 65 years. The House was designed by ad advertising Wieden + Kennedy (W + K) in London was assisted by Smith & Foulkes. Impressions almost two minutes kept the spirit of the dream of making a Honda engine and generator as the company's biggest race. Of course with the sequence of the Honda products since 1948 exhibited in it: seepda motor 2RC143 and present products such as Honda TT Legends Fireblade the 2013, atmospheric leaves HB25, CR-V vehicles and boats inflatable Honwave G.729a,t38.
harga satria fu
And technological innovations such as the Honda NSX concept car, the FCX Clarity 2015 which produces only water as output and of course the robot ASIMO. Tuck also output the first NSX (1990), which is a joint venture car firm Honda with driver Ayrton Senna.

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