HIO fell into the Motor, the whole family was killed, burned in Grogol

Fires in the neighborhood citizens occurred in the capital city. A house in Jalan Semeru, Alley 6, RT/RW 01 10, Wards Grogol, West Jakarta, could not be saved from a raging fire. So is the life of 3 residents is a family, Edy Susanto (55), Tan Bin Thjin (50), and a pitcher (20). The accident happened at dawn last at around 05.00 WIB. This eyewitness disclosed Pitcher Grace (47) and Farida Grace (62) to the police. harga sepeda polygon "Witnesses heard announcements from mosque that there are fires toa. The witness then check out to the House that was on fire, "said Metro Polda Jaya Publicist Kabid Initializing Pol Martinus Mapolda Sitompul on Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Wednesday (8/4/2015) night.

Martin explains, Grace heard cries for help from the victim. But he was helpless because the fence is locked in a State House meeting. Grace then contacted the Fire Department and local police. Based on the description of grace, according to Martin, the source of the fire comes from the joss sticks placed in a place of prayer in an illuminated and crashed on top of a motorcycle. "The fire was extinguished at 07.00 BST with the help of 15 fire engine," said former Kabid Publicist of the West Java Police.

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