This 5 year old Palestinian boy ' against ' Israel Army

The West Bank-he was only 5 years old. However, Palestinian boy that no trepidation facing the Israel Security 6 members armed to the teeth. Boy who wears his army approaching towards the Zionist State police. Alone. Then, he threw a rock that is larger in her hand towards the opponent. On the other hand, Israel troops wearing helmets and protective body looks confused. They could not do anything. Choose watch action black-haired little boy resistance it calmly. satria fu After performing the action, not the boy called his name was immediately turn around and run. The action occurs in the middle of jars, a bloody clash between Palestinians and Israel forces in the West Bank (West Bank). People took to the streets to stage a protest to commemorate the annual Palestinian Prisoners Day (Palestinian Prisoners Day). Israel troops used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the mob, after more than 100 Palestinian staff near the dividing wall Israel in the village of Bilin. A number of pendemo throwing stones towards them. At least one pendemo was injured in the clash. The Palestinian Prisoner's day is commemorated every year, as part of the solidarity of more than 6,000 Palestinians held in Israel prisons. "We will not leave the prisoners alone," said the leader of the action, Abdullah Abu Rahma was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, Saturday (4/18/2015).

"We will continue to fight for their rights to be free. Because, majority of them being held illegally by Israel, "he said. Since 1967, Israel detained some 800 thousand Palestinians--or the equivalent of 40 percent of the country's male population. And every Palestinian family experienced it. During the peace negotiations that facilitated United States in 2013 and 2014, Israel freed dozens of prisoners who have been held in their prisons. However, the negotiations failed to graduate, which followed the abduction and murder of three teenagers in the West Bank Israel, Zionist country holding hundreds of others. Currently, the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails is among the highest in the past 5 years. According to human rights institutions.