Success Stories Ibn Arwana

The name Ibn Arwana from Cirebon, West Java. Her age has not been stepped on for 30 years, but already quite successful as batik. Success is evidenced by the numerous awards He and batik business achievement of its own. One very memorable Awards come from Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI) as the biggest batik shop owners and widest at the youngest age (23 years old). harga mio tahun 2010 Although he had success at a young age, he could not direct the big head. "I don't want to like dinosaurs, when major then extinct already," he said when news of the BCA team encountered not long ago at the shop Batik Trusmi, village Trusmi, Plered, Cirebon. For Ibn, a young age is an opportunity to continue to do self exploration abilities and are increasingly challenged to reach for that can not be achieved.

"While there's still young and still quite a lot of energy, I will continue to develop themselves. I was the type of person who is not easily satisfied with whatever I've achieved, "said Ibnu. Although he came from a family worker, he built his own business literally from zero Ibn began pioneering efforts in 2006 when he was 17 years old with being a supplier of raw materials, namely, cloth of batik cloths in white. With an initial capital of Rp 15 million, Ibn offers the shroud to the crafters-batik artisans in the village of his birth, Cirebon Regency Trusmi.

"I used to be recalcitrant. Graduating high school I married directly. I want to prove to parents if I was capable of independently. So have a dependent wife, I am so excited to start his own business. That's when, the first time I became a customer of bank BCA ya, "he said.

Advantage of being a supplier of shroud just enough for his family's everyday needs, nothing more and nothing less. After having children, he felt should be able to increase his efforts to raise his little family.

Take advantage of the home his parents living room that measures 4 x 4 square meters in 2007, he had 2 children also began selling batik. Do not stop at the "store" any time, any persistent Ibn batik market commodities in door to door from one store to another store in Jakarta, Bandung and other cities.