This woman sculpture installed in the men's Toilet of A Resto

There-there's just a crazy idea that was created in order to achieve popularity. One of them is the decoration of men's toilet at a restaurant in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi, North China. harga mobil honda In such unique toilet, there are three statues of women placed directly behind a special men's urination. Imagine what would happen! Yes, inevitably, when small water throwing the men will stand up and face to face with dolls dressed in thin are as reported by the OddityCentral from the page.
harga mobil honda jazz bekas Not so clear what exactly the intent of the Manager, but the toilet decorating its news have been spread to various areas that China appears to be thus making customers feel uncomfortable. "I had a chance to turn around the direction because the thought has entered into the wrong restroom, but then I realized that it was indeed the right toilet. Not very pleasant when it should be bertatapan with beautiful women while having to dump water, though the woman was just a statue, "said Sun Kao (24 years), the restaurant's customers.