Syarief Hasan and Ibas Meet Assistant, what's up?

Chairman of the Democratic Party with the Secretary General of the Syarief Hasan Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono or Ibas to meet Assistant General Badrodin Haiti's National Police Headquarter, Jakarta. What is it? Democratic Party spokesman Ruhut Sitompul mebenarkan meeting. However, the meeting was not related to a legal case. read more about harga satria fu "That's the Business Congress in Surabaya (11-13 May). Do we want a Congress so it should ask for permissions and security. Kan pak Syarief Chairman of the OC (Organizing Committee) and Ibas's Chairman of SC (Sterring Committe). It's a reasonable thing, ", Thursday (4/30/2015).

When asked if the meeting was related to a Congressional demand for extra tight security because there are Democrats who would make DPC a riot in Congress, Ruhut rumours. He stressed that the DPP, Democrats will not take heart reserved such threats. "It's no matter. Just let it all out. Their bottom line (Syarief and Ibas) just wanted to prepare the Congress in order to get a good run, "explained him. harga yamaha vixion